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Easy: As a student, you don't need any previous martial arts or athletic training. Anyone can do it!

Safe: Unlike a lot of programs out on the market, our top priority is to make sure that you stay safe while learning effective self-defense skills and techniques. We offer non-contact training while emphasizing intent, targeting, focus and control.

Effective: Feel the confidence that comes from knowing that you can protect yourself. Be able to confront and overcome obstacles and situations that are not familiar or comfortable to deal with.

Fun: Every experience that you will have here will be fun. Classes are structured to provide you with the training you need to achieve your goals and have fun doing it.

     We offer a variety of different programs and even structure classes to suit your needs. Want to learn how to defend yourself, get in shape, earn a black belt, or just have fun? Well, we can help you.

     Our schools are a part of an association that was founded in 1960 by Bruce Terrill, pioneer of Oregon Martial arts. As a part of the Professional Martial Arts Association, we have spent years learning how best to serve you and suit your needs.

     We have traditional martial arts and self– defense programs, and yet we also have new state-of-the-art martial arts fitness programs. No matter what your needs, whether they are self confidence, self-defense, self-discipline, competition, or just plain fun, we have the perfect program for you.
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