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The team at Professional Martial Arts is specially trained to assist you in meeting your goals. There are no ego's here, no "I'm better than you are, and let me show you..." attitudes. We are a team of humble, knowledgeable, respectful and family oriented individuals that care about you, your well-being and your goals. It is both our job, and our number one priority, to make sure that we assist you in a supportive, safe and fun environment with your goals and growth.

All instructors and apprentice instructors undergo specialized training, and are taught to treat each and every student with the utmost care, professionalism, and respect. Just because an individual has received a black belt in our system, doesn't mean that they are certified to instruct the system. So you may see individuals claiming to teach our style, but more than likely, they are not officially representing the system, nor are they certified to uphold the standards of instruction and of the system the way in which was set forth by its founder and the Association.

Our instructors are fully certified and licensed through the Association to teach Wu Ying Tao, and they attend on-going training to stay current with both certification
and instruction methods approved by the Association.

Come try a free class, and enjoy our safe & friendly
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