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The Style: Wu Ying Tao

Wu Ying Tao was developed by Martial Arts pioneer Bruce C. Terrill. The American style of martial arts originally began as Wu Ying Mun in 1968, and with revision by the founder in 1972, it became what we know of today as Wu Ying Tao. Wu Ying Tao, or The Formless Way, is an American karate style that focuses on the physical, mental, emotional and consciousness (presence) aspects of martial arts within each student. It is a wonderful blend of martial arts and philosophy (teaching oneness, compassion, respect, humility, balance, etc.).

The style focuses on the principle that function (how things work) is more important than form (how things look). Most traditional martial arts styles focus on katas (form), while Wu Ying Tao focuses on strategies and principles, so the students can actually learn to defend themselves right away. Other systems also tend to focus on the physical side of martial arts - how things look, who can hit harder or faster, who's got the best technique... We focus on an overall approach, utilizing Universal Principles so that anyone can utilize the system efficiently and effectively. While the physical side of our system covers 4 ranges of fighting (kicks, punching, close range/knees & elbows, throws and ground), it's main focus is teaching each student to use what works best for them in any given situation.

Until higher levels of training, students are taught through non-contact training, to ensure not only safety, but freedom from fear reflexes. It has been our experience over the years that when a student begins with non-contact training (with proper training that still teaches them control over their distancing and techniques), the student is still efficient in utilizing their techniques if needed in an emergency situation, and it also produces better fighters over the long haul that are calm, in control and effective. Plus, our training is more that of life skills - mind sets, strategies and principles that you can use in your daily life - not just a "pound and ground" see if the tough man wins mentality...It is a way of life.

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